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A mixtape is an important promotional tool for hip hop artists who want to generate publicity for their music. Often arranged to flow like a studio album, a mixtape typically contains tracks by a single artist or musical group and may include:

  • Remixes
  • Collaborations
  • Voiceovers
  • Freestyles

Mixtape Format & Distribution

The term mixtape is a holdover from days when tape was actually a preferred recording and listening format. Nowadays, a mixtape usually comes in the form of a CD, which an artist can have officially pressed for distribution.

There are various channels through which an artist can distribute a mixtape: on the street; at clubs or shows; through friends, producers, or independent record dealers; or on the Internet (in mp3 format).

If you or an artist you know is in need of a mixtape, please contact Los Angeles music producer Damon Cisneros today.


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